About me and this blog….

My husband says I live the “Life of Lisa.”  He thinks that because I have an unstructured life and he makes the dough, and that our daughter is independent and mostly on her own, that I have the most care-free life in the world.  He believes that I wake up every morning, yawn, and see the day stretched before me like a golden lane bathed in endless possibilities and sunshine.

Which admittedly is true.

Sure, life is good. It’s great not have to get up at the crack of dawn and scurry off to work. God no.  For one thing, I’m just not a morning person. For another, I’m horrible with stress and I refuse to deal with obnoxious co-workers.  Given the choice, I’d much prefer to lay in bed and do my emails.  And if I get really ambitious, I’ll read the paper.

Eventually, when my head begins to clear, I get my lazy ass out of bed and I face the day.  To get the juices going, it’s likely I’ll go on a run to  the beach with Koko, though he really slows things down with his constant peeing on every thing.  Later I’ll go to the barn – nearly every day these days – where my horse Honey is recovering from colic surgery, laminitis, pigeon fever and ulcers.  God love her, but if she doesn’t stop getting these maladies, get the gun.  Someone’s gotta put me out of my misery.

But honestly, life is really very good.  I have a lot of unique people in my life that make things fun and stimulating and definately worth living. In fact, it was a real hoot when me and  one of my besties, Barb, had our colonoscopies together… now that’s what friendship is about!  Also, BFF Carrie and I have talked of doing a Thelma and Louise trip together, though we might have to change the ending.   Oh, and there’s my mischievious 92-year old mother.  Her dementia has been getting kinda worse lately, but it makes her all the more fun to be with.   In fact, we taped an audition tape to send to Betty White, and I think she has a good chance to get on.  I’ll put the video in these pages, and you can decide for yourself.

But sometimes I wonder. Should I be doing more with my life?  There’s got to be more to life than colonoscopies, inane friendships and living the dream in Laguna Beach.  Or is there?  Why are we in So Cal so intent on running around, accomplishing stuff, being so ambitious?  How about just being?  Of course we need to work and make money – I’m not saying that –  but why not focus less on work and more on play?   On being there for your friends and family, many of whom might really need you?

Anyway, I guess this blog is about all of the above, and then some.  It’s about Laguna, and travel, and horses, and crazy friendships and wanting to save the oceans, which I’m also kind of obsessed with.   It’s about being with one good man all these years, and raising one incredible and very cute daughter. It’s about looking back on life and it’s realizing what a mind-blowing experience its been, just to be here on planet earth lost in this vast universe. And there still lots more to come.

Yes, I live the Life of Lisa, but at heart I’m a writer and an observer of life.  Perhaps this is a way – blogging that is – to maybe touch some people, irritate others, and maybe even say something valuable or, absolutely inane.   There may be only a handful of people – my loyal and devoted friends – that’ll read this blog, and if they do, well God bless them! The rest of you, well, maybe I’ll lure you in with some of my tell-all stories.

Just check back and see what I mean.


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