A little about me and this blog….

My husband says I live the “life of Lisa.”  He thinks that because I don’t work, per se, and he makes the dough, and that our daughter is grown now and off to college that I live the most care-free life possible.  He thinks that I wake up every morning, yawn, and see the day stretched before me like a golden lane bathed in sunshine with endless possibilities for entertainment and bliss.

Yeah, life is good.  I kinda hate to admit it, but I love not having to get up at the crack of dawn, go to work and deal with obnoxious co-workers. I don’t do well with stress, period.  It’s actually quite wonderful to lay in bed, read the paper, and when my head starts to clear, to work on my laptop on some writing ideas.

But I eventually do get up, and then there’s the lure of Laguna Beach!  What a great little town!   I can run on the beach with my dog Koko, or meet a friend for coffee at little village café.   In fact, I could wile away the entire day meandering around, taking pictures or browsing the fashionable little boutiques.  But more often than not, I get up and go to the barn, saddle up, and ride my adorable little palomino, Honey, all over the hidden trails of Nellie Gail.

But, of course, there’s more to life than all that. Or is there? Why are people in So Cal so intent on running around, accomplishing stuff, being so ambitious?  How about just being? How about not focusing so much on work, but on play?  On being there for your friends, some of whom might really need you, and for your family?

Sorry. I don’t mean to be preachy.

Still.  I would go nuts if I didn’t strive to do something productive, something that would make a difference somehow in this world.   I have this thing about the ocean, for instance, and I’m really concerned about it.   I feel that we’ve really trashed it and overfished it, and I just think that if everybody made some little changes in their everyday habits, that collectively we could make some huge changes on this planet.  But what have I actually done about it?  A lot less than I’d like to.  But then again, maybe I can start right here.

Anyway, I guess this blog is about all of the above, and then some.  It’s about Laguna Beach, and horses, and crazy friends and elderly parents and wanting to save the oceans.  It’s about being with one good man all these years, and raising one incredible and very cute daughter. It’s about looking back on life it’s realizing what a mind-blowing experience its been, just to be here on planet earth lost in this vast universe. And there still lots more to come.

Yes, I live the life of Lisa, but at heart I’m a writer and an observer of life.  Perhaps this is a way – blogging that is – to maybe touch some people, irritate others, and maybe even say something important, or inane, or, better yet, funny.   There may be only a handful of people – my loyal and devoted friends – that’ll read this blog, and if they do, well God bless them! The rest of you, well, maybe I’ll lure you in with some of my tell-all stories.

Just check back and see what I mean.


6 thoughts on “A little about me and this blog….

    • Wow, my very first comment!Thanks Barb! And I haven’t even told anyone else about the site yet! Yes, I would like to talk to you …because I want to blog about the day you and I had our colonoscopies together. Is that ok with you?

  1. Great start, girlfriend! How often can we expect to find great words of wisdom here. Looks like this first entry was over a year ago. Soooo, maybe once a year?

    It is the Holiday Season (to be politically correct) and a good time for a funny story or some words of wisdom for the holidays.

    Whatever the frequency, we love you, your words and your wonderful husband (and cute daughter) that helps make this site the reality it is!


    • Thanks Gar for your kind words and sorry for the late reply! I’ll do better now, I promise! I’ve just been off doing other things, living the life of Lisa, writing a separate blog on my little horse Honey. I’m thinking I’ll combine the two – once I figure out how! Thanks for checking in, and for having patience with me!

  2. Wow Lisa, you have to teach me to ‘blog’. Love this. and you put my pic in? Sweeeeeet! Those were the days. Mrs. P has style, still does. Love her!!! Love you Lisa!!!!!!
    I’m impressed!!

    • Hey Malcom, no wonder you liked the story (the one on my mom, right?), cuz you’re the hero of it! As for teaching you to blog, I’m just winging it, and trying to have some fun. Love you too!

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