About me and this site….

My husband says I live the “Life of Lisa.”  He thinks that because I have an unstructured life and he makes the dough, and that our daughter is independent and mostly on her own, that I have the most care-free life in the world.  He believes that I wake up every morning, yawn, and see the day stretched before me like a golden lane bathed in endless possibilities and sunshine.

Which admittedly is true.

Sure, life is good. It’s great not to have to get up at the crack of dawn and scurry off to work. For one thing, I’m not a morning person. For another, I’m horrible with stress and obnoxious co-workers. I’d much prefer to lay in bed and do my emails.

When I’m fully awake, I take a run down Victoria Beach, cut through the Blue Lagoon condos, and jump the fence to the Montage Resort, where I can continue along the scenic ocean walkway. Only one problem.  The Montage security has busted me TWICE. I guess they want me to drive in and valet my car. So now I have to hide like a criminal in the lush landscaping until the coast is clear and I can sneak back over the fence.

But, I’ve always wondered, should I be doing more with my life?  There’s got to be more to life than and living the dream in Laguna Beach.  Or is there?  Why are we in So Cal so intent on running around, accomplishing stuff, being so ambitious?  How about just being?  Of course we need to work and make money, but why not focus less on work and more on play?

Then suddenly, I got my answer. Like so often happens when everything is perfect, life hit me in the face like a punch.

So that’s what this site is about. It’s about stories. Strange, fun, personal stories of change and confusion, not just about me but about the people and animals and experiences that touch me; that made me who I am.  It’s about Laguna, and travel, and horses and friendships.

It’s also about experiencing losses, going on, and finding my purpose.

I’m a writer.  But writing doesn’t come easily to me.  If I could put more stories down – about average people that are every bit as funny, complex and lovable as the most popular movies characters – then perhaps I could bring light to the joys and challenges we all face.  And that might bring a little more understanding to the world.

Which may be just what we need. To understand each other just a little bit better.


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