About Me and This Site

My husband says I live the “Life of Lisa.”  He thinks that because I have an unstructured life and he makes the dough, and that our daughter is independent and mostly on her own, that I have the most care-free life in the world.  He believes I wake up every morning, yawn, and see the day stretched before me like a golden lane bathed in endless possibilities and sunshine.

Which I suppose is true.

I mean sure. Life is good. It’s great not to have to get up at the crack of dawn and scurry off to work. For one thing, I’m not a morning person. For another, I’m horrible with stress and obnoxious co-workers. I’d much prefer to lay in bed and sip on the double latte that my beloved has brought me. I like to welcome the new day slowly with the morning newspaper, or with some words of wisdom, or maybe by pondering a thought I want to express.

Yes, it’s quite possible I am spoiled.  But it’s taken a long time to get to this point, and through the years there have been changes and challenges and heartbreaking losses. Life has not always been simple.

That’s why I write stories. It helps me process what my life is about.  These are stories about loved ones and animals and experiences that that have touched me so deeply that they will forever be a part of who I am.

Life is about living and evolving and moving on and growing older. It’s about being with a good man and being so fortunate to have an incredibly lovely daughter, and an adorable little grandnephew.It’s about love and change, laughter and heartbreak.

Yes, I still live the Life of Lisa.  But it’s different that it used to be.  Which is okay.Because I look back and realize what a mind-blowing experience its been, just to be here on planet earth and experience all it has to offer.

And I must say, the Life of Lisa is still – as my husband might say –  a golden lane of endless possibilities.

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