A New Purpose

Last August my friend and I flew down to Mexico City, where we connected with a driver who took us another two hours south, to the stunningly beautiful Amatlan Valley near the town of Tepotzlan. Our destination was a gorgeous holistic resort set in the hills where we would spend six days on a yoga and spiritual retreat.

During the preceding year, I had lost many loved ones in a short span of time and though months had passed, I felt joyless, a shadow of myself.  But the serene, comforting, supportive environment of Tepoztlan and the people there put me in a different frame of mind. I took part in a variety of ancient spiritual traditions and rituals – meditation, qigong, yoga, as well a Native American Temezcal, or heat lodge. I even met with a Mayan astrologer. Our small group had wonderful dinners and outings together. As the week progressed I felt my spirit being awakened again. By the end of the week I felt like something profound had happened.

I returned home the same person, but with a new consciousness. I had always wondered what I was really meant to do in my life, but I’d come to accept that I didn’t need to be more than I was. I came back from Tepoztlan with an understanding that I did indeed have a purpose, and a unique essence waiting to be fulfilled. I felt I was being led into the healing field.

Once home, the doubts clouded my mind.  It was crazy.  How could it be?  And yet, the signs were everywhere.  Two days after returning, I was trying to locate a store on my maps app and strangely, two places appeared on my phone screen that caught my eye.  “Mayan Healing,” said one.  The other one was right around the corner, so I walked to the business complex where I found the “Healing Hands, School of Holistic Health.” I went upstairs and talked to a young man. They taught massage therapy and many other healing modalities.

I was intrigued. But I felt drawn instead to energy work with Tai Chi and Reiki.  Yet the Healing Hands people kept in touch with me and by the end of the year, I’d decided I would indeed try a class in circulatory massage.  With that, I’ve begun to learn the art of touch.  With Tai Chi I’m learning the art of energy.  I’m excited about this new universe  of possibilities opening up to me.

After thirty-five years, I’ve decided to finally change to my married name, Hand.

Throughout my life, I’ve always wanted to help people. Though my friends think of me as the silly girl that loves to have fun, I’ve also been the one they come to for advise or a listening ear. Healing I believe can come from touch, positive thought, from love, from laughter. We all can do it, but now it will be my conscious pursuit.

A year ago when I turned sixty, I looked ahead and wondered what the future would hold.  Now I gaze in a different direction and I see it’s one of the most vitalizing times in my life.

I have written a complete chronicle of “My Journey to Tepoztlan” found in the “Travel Stories” section of this website.