Connecting with Friends

It used to be that we could go out into the world without a second thought, go to the gym, to our work, to the grocery store, to a nursing home. We didn’t worry so much if a person brushed passed us or if they coughed a few times, as long as they didn’t go overboard. Whenever we wanted, we could see the people we cared about and we could have our get togethers, our barbecues, our celebrations. We could stop by to say hello and we could give our friends a hug.  Without a second thought.

But now there’s a pandemic going on and everything has changed. With coronavirus invading every country on the planet, everything is uncertain and somewhat frightening. We can’t touch people or get too close, because regardless of how remote the possibility might be, we don’t  want to risk getting sick with this virus or spreading it to others or possibly passing it to a vulnerable person who could die.  The coronavirus is highly infectious and very deadly.

And the question is, how do we keep positive somehow, even happy and balanced, in such a strange and anxious time?

I am one of the very fortunate ones.  I have my husband and my daughter and we are not financially strapped.  We don’t have to continue working in “essential” jobs, and I can stay home and work in my garden and on my projects and go on walks to a nearby beautiful park.  Yet I do feel the fear and the anxiety all around me and I worry about the uncertainty of what the future holds.

The answer for me is to continue to be grateful for every moment and to most of all, despite the obstacles, stay connected with my friends and family. 

That’s why I’ve decided to start this “blog” to stay involved with others, who I encourage to share their comments, their pictures, their stories. I hope it’ll help us all to feel safer, and get support from each other, and most of all to share some fun and some laughter along the way. I’m even shining ahead of doing interviews and videos and leading discussions about topics we all care about especially during this time.  

So I’m inviting YOU to be part of it.  I want to hear what my friends and family are going through.  I think we all want to hear from each other.  Are you — or someone you know — experiencing anxiety or challenging home circumstances? Are you finding relief in introspection or meditation or simply taking the time to slow down?

Other topics might include how do you get out of bed in the morning and  how do you not strangle your kid?  My daughter, a frustrated gym rat, has come up with ways to workout at home using furniture and pets. I would LOVE to show you her hilarious solutions, once I figure out how to put videos on here!

Simply put, I want us to share this experience, our stories, funny and scary alike, and in turn,  learn from each other how we can cope and possibly see a silver lining.

I’m hoping somehow to also put in place a “help is on the way” line.  If you’re lonely and feeling anxious, or maybe just wanting to hear a cheerful voice, perhaps a phone call from someone, maybe me or one of my friends, will make some difference in your world. 

Yes, life is different than it used to be, but indeed it still goes on.  Somehow and in some way, we’ve got to  stay centered and mindful – even joyful – in a time of turmoil. The energy we each send out there is powerful, and we can truly change the world if we want to.

My heart goes out to those that are suffering and dying from this strange, relentless virus. And kudos to the heroes that are putting their lives on the line so the rest of us can be safe: the front line responders, the nurses, the doctors, the food producers, the grocery workers, all those that are working for the good of us all. Finally, I’m eternally grateful to the experts and scientists that are working to exhaustion to find a vaccine and medicines for this disease.

Because of all these caring and dedicated people — and because of all of us — life will go on and possibly we’ll discover, with all we learn from this, it can maybe be better than ever.

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