A Strange Alien

What is this strange alien? Where did it come from? Why is it here? And most curiously, why does it seek to destroy us? Because that’s what this does, my daughter, the medical student, explained to me. The sole purpose of the coronavirus is to find a host, then to replicate itself … and most of all to destroy.

Yet, it is not alive, she explains. It’s not a bacteria or a fungus or a protozoa, all of which are considered to be alive, in a sense. No, the coronavirus, and all viruses for that matter, are sort of like simple tiny machines. Little robots without cells, with a brain. Yet they do have a goal that they seek with an unwavering eye — to replicate and to destroy.

I am not a scientist. Yet I find it astonishing that such a tiny, microscopic robot would affect our lives so profoundly. It is ironic to me that there would be such a thing in nature, because everything in our ecosystem has its place. Or does it not? Is this just a random act of God? Does God permit random acts such as this?

It’s almost like an alien being, this coronavirus. It’s an invisible entity of massive armies so deadly and aggressive, coming from truly God knows where, outer space perhaps, desiring only to invade our human species. 

 It’s so tiny, so incredibly miniscule, that it can only be seen only under a electron microscope and when beams of color are shot into the mix of it, what you see is so unbelievably beautiful with multiple crowns all over its sphere you only would want to gaze at it.

Yes replicate and destroy. That is its goal. And that is what we are facing today.