Stoned in the Time of Coronavirus

This whole thing just plain WEIRD. It’s like life has taken an abrupt turn and suddenly everything is upside down. So how do we deal with it? If there’s ever a perfect time to get high,  I’d say that time is NOW. I mean it may not be your thing, and I’m not saying you HAVE to get stoned. It’s just that lighting up a joint — to ME — means chillin’ out an enjoying the relaxed state of mind. All I’m saying is, maybe just PRETEND you just smoked the BIGGEST REEFER EVER and just let yourself LOOSEN UP… if only for just a minute! Try this: Just stop, take a deep breath, and look at the moment. Say to yourself, “Hey, this is life. It’s okay. I have food. I have running water, I can take a hot shower. I’m going to be okay.” The mind is a powerful thing. And by the way, taking the time to smell a beautiful flower just may do the trick as well.

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